Sunday Morning Thoughts on Whiteness

TLDR: It’s Violently Self-Centered Fuckery

TaLynn Kel
2 min readMay 15, 2022


I read something the other day about neurodivergence where the person said that they didn’t think peer pressure was a real thing because they’d never experienced it — mainly because they kept asking why until whoever suggested the thing got frustrated and went away.

I know what they were saying but when I thought about it, the stand-out part was “as this thing never happened to me, I figured it was completely made up rather than thinking that other people had a different experience and both can be true.”

That is the problem with whiteness.

And by whiteness, I mean the forced hegemony of white supremacist patriarchal capitalism in all its christian, xenophobic, fatphobic, ableist, cis-het glory.

Y’all literally convince yourselves that if it’s not your experience, it doesn’t exist and therefore must be destroyed.

Then y’all wonder why so many of you are violent lil murderbots. Like somehow you’re different.

White culture consists of horrifically violent cultural cannibalism and global oppression. You made inhumanity your primary characteristic then built a culture of lies to deny it.

Plausible deniability is a way of life for you. You are convinced that as long as you don’t explicitly say it, it can’t be true but you’re also supposed to be able to figure out what’s really meant through social cues.

What the absolute fuck?

Y’all create whole fictitious narratives in your head then twist reality to fit them all to justify your incessant cruelty. Then you collectively maintain the lie and violently torture and kill anyone who contradicts the reality you’ve crafted. Even when it’s glaringly obvious.

Watching the hoops you jump through to maintain the facade of civility, while you simultaneously violate millions of people’s human rights is so fucking terrifying that it almost feels like it defies description.

The shorthand for that level of deception is “whiteness”.

So congratulations on being the embodiment of the thing you claim you aren’t. The thing you claim everybody else is…violent savages incapable of peacefully coexisting with anyone who doesn’t conform or submit to your inhumane ideology.

You the real savages.



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