White People: Shut the Fuck Up About Black Voters

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Originally published November 7, 2016 on talynnkel.com

Repeat after me:




That’s right. White voters. Your friends. Your family. Your neighbors. The polite, friendly white communities in your life who don’t think they have anything to lose by electing him. The people who think that Clinton is worse than a racist, misogynistic, sexist, ableist, violent, pro-corporation, anti-climate change, pro-war, xenophobic, anti-education idiot who lies about shit he said last week — shit that’s on video, who the media coddled until they created a monster who speaks to the dark heart of this country.

The dark, silent heart of this country that has always been here, quietly lurking, strengthening, and enforcing America’s racist origins through legislation, redlining, policing, and entertainment.

In case you didn’t realize, which apparently, a bunch of you fucking didn’t, America’s always been racist, sexist, and xenophobic. ALWAYS. When overt racism, sexism, and xenophobia became less popular, this country got better at talking around it and people got better at lying about it being gone. This country consistently used exceptions to the norm to lie about what the norm actually is.

“Look, we have a Black man as president! Racism is gone!”

“Women work in all kinds of jobs. I have a woman boss. Sexism is gone!”

“I have Black coworkers. My boss is a Black person. I had sex with a Black person once. I’m not racist.”

“My wife/daughter/sister can work, own property, vote. If she doesn’t act like a slut, she’s great. Sexism is gone!”

Are you fucking kidding me? The norm is Donald Trump and white people are proving it.

I’m so angry right now. I’m fucking mad at the media for their stories about threats of violence at polling places. I’m angry at all the reports of voter suppression that people are conveniently ignoring. I’m mad at SCOTUS for gutting the biting rights act that Republicans leaped on to start changing voting laws and access to polls. I’m mad at President Obama for not fighting more for Black people in this country.

I’m mad at all the threats being made by racist shit bags who are angry that they can’t unilaterally decide to only do what’s best for white men. Did you know there are reports of armed white men standing at polling places, like that’s not fucking frightening as hell. And law enforcement is apparently okay with it because it’s in open carry states like Georgia, where I live. Fuck, we have media reporting on a militia “preparing” for post-election fallout cuz I wasn’t already scared enough.

I’m mad at the self-righteous third party voters who think they have nothing to lose. I’m mad at my significant other’s parents who fucking out right said, “I was raised white. This is the only thing I know to do,” when talking about voting for Trump. I’m mad at the U.S. government for being dominated by out of touch, amoral, rich white people and sheltering the abundance of racists currently in law enforcement and government. I’m mad that running for public office is so expensive that only the rich can do it.

I’m mad at the fucking plethora of lies we choke down and call democracy.

And I’m scared. I’m scared for my friends, my family, myself. I’m terrified of what’s next because no matter which was this goes, violence is in our future.

The past year has been nothing but psychological warfare and trauma for me and people who look like me as we watched the pile of bodies grow at the hands of police violence and then watched most of its perpetrators walk away with their jobs and crowdsourced funds for their murders. We have had to adapt to seeing brutality enacted on people who protest the wrongdoings of our police and criminal justice system over and over again.

We have had to learn what our parents and grandparents experienced first-hand as we struggle for equality and safe spaces in America. And America keeps showing us that we are lying to ourselves if we think that’s possible. That shit isn’t for Black Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Muslim Americans, any non-white Americans, apparently. Nope. The message to us is shut up, get out, or die. And every single day I have to pretend that isn’t the message I continue to receive loud and clear while I go through the motions of living. Each day it’s a struggle to wake up because I am horribly depressed and anxious and scared every damn day and my body is responding as bodies do to extreme stress — by breaking down.

So congratulations white America. You might get your fucking country back for racist, sexist, xenophobic, islamophobic, anti-human rights, anti-civil rights, pro-militarized police, pro-corporation, pro-pollution, homophobic, transphobic, ableist white people. Just remember, the straight, cisgender men get first pickings and the rest of you can fight it out for what’s left. That’s what’s known as making America great again.

And any of you white people asking about Black voter turnout? Y’all need to take a long hard look in the mirror when you’re looking for someone to blame for this fuckery called the 2016 presidential election and its after-effects. It’s your fucking friends and family who nominated that shitbag. It’s your friends and family voting for him. What the fuck did you do to try to keep this from happening, huh?

I’ll wait.

Originally published at talynnkel.com.

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